Shamelessly neglected

Friends, I haven’t been in a writing frame of mind. It’s a shame, because I know there are folks far away who like to see what we’re up to, but that’s just how it is for now.

All I can do at this point is post a couple of images from our now ridiculously huge backlog and hope for the best.



We received a slot car set several years ago and Ri has finally reached the age where it’s possible for him to play with it without it getting trampled. Rob and I set it up yesterday for Ri and a friend, and this morning it was at the top of the little guy’s list! Even before I was ready to head downstairs he and Bru were off, and I soon heard the whiz of the little car around the track.

Bruno isn’t sure what to make of the cars, but he finds them very interesting and perks his ears up when they fly by.
It’s very cute.


Finally, via phone

Ridiculously long time since I updated. My current method of photo management and downloading isn’t working so well for me, and has the whole process bogged down. Right now I’m relying heavily on my phone, and it only just now occurred to me that I could download a WordPress app and update that way. Voila! So for all three of our readers, sorry for the long wait. And without further delay, here are the long awaited pics of the pup and boy.


Today is a sick day for the whole Clan McClendon, but we're still up for some ferris wheel construction. This one works great!


Can you even stand the cuteness?


Seriously. Some big ferocity is growing in the heart of the darling boy.


Hello there, tiny green spider! You surprised me!


A perfect spring day.


The love of boy and dog is manifest in many ways, including peering out the window together.


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